Pocket Market

Shopify x BrainStation

Timeline: 5 days
Role: Product Designer, UX Researcher
Tools: Figma, Photoshop

During my UX Design diploma at BrainStation, we paired up with the product team at Shopify to participate in a 5-day design sprint. On Monday morning we were given our design challenge, and by Friday afternoon we presented our final solution. This details the process and development of our sprint result, Pocket Market — a digital solution to shopping online with a friend.

Team: Sara Niinimaa, Leona Huang, Ramy Hamdoun, Sofia Qumu


Design Challenge


The product team from Shopify joined forces with the education team at BrainStation to lead us through a 5-day design sprint. We were presented with the following design challenge:

How might we bring brick and mortar sensory experiences online so that consumers around the can get enriched shopping experiences like they may get in-store?


Primary & Secondary Research


of people shopping in North America will not give up in-store shopping.


of shoppers will go to the store to buy when they have an item they need or want immediately.


of adults said they end up spending more money when they shop with friends.

"I love shopping with friends and family, I get a sense of security and have a lot of fun when we go out shopping.

"I want a second opinion when I am buying a new lipstick colour or eye shadow.

Refined Problem Space

As we dove into our research, we identified key themes around the social aspect of shopping and the importance that it has to the overall shopping experience. This encouraged us to fine-tune our problem statement to target our demographic better.

How might we provide a social aspect for consumers to enhance their shopping experience?

Ideation & Development

When we began to form our ideas, we looked to how emerging technology could supplement experiences that typically require people to be in the same environment.

Shopify has recently rolled out new features like ​3D imaging and ​AR / VR​ so we were inspired to explore this space and incorporate this possibility into our solution.



We synthesized our research findings into a persona in order to focus on our key demographic and what the needs of our users will be.


Heather Mitchell

Vancouver, BC

"I enjoy shopping online, but I prefer shopping in person with my friends.


  • Enjoys exploring new fashions
  • Loves to redecorate her home
  • Has fun shopping with friends.

Pain Points

  • Missing the social aspect with online shopping
  • Online shopping can be inefficient
  • Needs second opinions to decide on items.

Ideation Sketches

During the sprint we did rounds of rapid iteration in order to get our ideas flowing and explore outside of the box. Key features that stood out as speaking to our user needs was the ability to try colour ways of a product, inviting in a friend to discuss a purchase, and seeing products in perspective with the use of augmented reality.


Our Solution

User Testing & Feedback

After the building blocks were put in place, it was finally time to build. We developed our wireframes and tested them in the hands of 5 participants.


Call to action language

The call to action of Virtual Tour was confusing to user as they weren't sure if it was a tour of their space or of the app, so by changing the language to View in my space then it was more obvious what the function would be.


Cart modification placement

Testing illustrated that having the option to remove an item while inside the chat seemed likely to accidentally remove a product, so by moving all edit functions to the cart then we could remove potential margins of error.

Feature 1 — Browse the market to shop from various local shops.

Pocket Market allows Heather to style her space and shop for a multitude of items from a wide range of local vendors and businesses. Search and filtration options create an easy way to find the perfect piece to suit the user's specific taste.


Feature 2 — Video chat to get a second opinion

This feature allows the user to get a second opinion in the AR shopping experience in real-time. After connecting a friend into the call, both members on the call can flip through the items in the cart to view each piece in context.


The Future

Measurement of Success

Key Performance Indicators that will help to measure the success of the product include:

  • Successful purchases
  • Average session time
  • % of AR video chats
  • % of repeat customers


We saw the following potential within this solution:

  • Integration with AR smart devices
  • Integration into Shopify apps
  • Explore VR possibilities

Next Steps

To continue the development of the product to maximize market uptake, we imagine the following next steps:

  • Develop AR fitting room
  • Increase video call capacity to 3+
  • Expand community features
  • View multiple products at the same time

Asset Credits: Noun Project, Unsplash, Mockupworld

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